About Us

My family and I started becoming more aware of the environment.  We started
doing small things to reduce our footprint. One day in 2008 we were packing
lunches and began noticing how much plastic sandwich baggies we were
using and throwing away, we decided that we needed an alternative to plastic baggies.

I did love how convenient and fresh plastic bags kept our food. I wanted to
create a bag that was safe, reusable, convenient, easy to care for, could hold
wet snacks and would keep the items fresh for over 24 hours so I could pack
lunches the night before.

After much research for a safe lining and a lot of testing different linings
until one performed the way I needed it to, I discovered nylon and peva fabric.
The lining has been tested and passed FDA standards for food safety.

The Greentime reusable snack and sandwich bags were created.

The bags are handsewn in Green Bay Wisconsin.

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